5 Thing You Can Do Right Now To Improve Your Hearing Health

Helping Hearing Loss
Taking care of your hearing health is vital. This is true even if you don’t have a hearing loss diagnosis. You want to protect the hearing ability that you have during your day-to-day life. This is to make sure that you don’t lose it. Here are five of our best tips to help ensure that you’re protecting your hearing health today!

Stay Active

Staying active is great for your health. This is especially true when it comes to your hearing health. Activities like walking help to increase the amount of blood flow to your ears. This fresh blood is vital for the tiny hair cells in your ear to do their job. Without adequate blood flow, these tiny hair cells can die. They won’t regenerate. This can be the beginning of your journey through hearing loss.

Don’t Smoke

One main attribute to hearing loss has, time and time again, been smoking. The University of Manchester found that smokers are 28% more likely to have hearing loss. This is when compared to those who don’t smoke. The percentage increased even more as the number of packs smoked per day increased. The carbon monoxide and nicotine in the cigarettes tightens up the blood vessels. This starves the inner ear of oxygen.

Keep The Volume At A Reasonable Level

How many times do you find yourself turning the volume up on your radio or television? If it’s more frequent then your peers, it may be time to see a hearing care specialist. To prevent hearing loss, keep volume levels at an adequate level where you can hear them. The NIDCD estimates that 26 million U.S. citizens have hearing loss due to noise exposure. This form of hearing loss is preventable, so keep your volume down.

Protect From Loud Noises

Sounds that are 85 decibels or louder can be damaging to the ears. It’s best to protect your hearing whenever exposed to these loud noises. There are many different types of protective devices that you can buy. The most popular include ear plugs and over the ear protection. If you don’t have hearing protection, move away from the loud noise and give your ears a break.

Wear Your Hearing Aids

If you already have a diagnosis with hearing loss, you likely have hearing aids. While it can be easy not to wear them, it’s not the best choice. You should be using your hearing aids as often as possible to continue to boost your brain. Studies show that people not using their hearing aids are more likely to have mental issues.

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