Back-To-School Tips For Children With Hearing Loss

Children With Hearing Loss
Heading back to school can be a nerve-wracking experience for any child. The new school year means new teachers, learning hallways, and finding new classrooms. When your child has hearing loss, they may also have the stress of their condition. When compared to many of their classmates, it may make them feel even more nervous. As a parent, follow the tips to help make the transition into the new school year great for your child.

Introduce Your Child Early

One of the best ways to help your child with hearing loss is to meet with their teachers before the start of school. This can allow your child to become more comfortable around their teacher. They can even be more open to asking them for help when they need it in the classroom. Plus, it will remove a lot of that first-day stress of meeting a new authority figure.

Arrange The Appropriate Tools For Success

Provide your child with hearing loss with the appropriate tools. This includes hearing aids. They can help enhance their learning abilities when they’re in the classroom. Contact the school ahead of time. You can learn about the tools that they have for your child’s hearing care.
You should consult with both the school and your child’s audiologist. They can help determine the best device for your child’s hearing loss condition. Some children may have more success with an FM system device connected to their hearing aids. This device gets worn by the teacher and helps to amplify their voice to the student.
The child’s school may also offer note-taking. This helps your child focus on listening and learning to the teacher instead of taking notes. They can also provide your child with preferred seating in the front of the classroom. This allows them to better see and hear the instructor.

Working Around The Mask

Some schools requires a mask in the classroom. If this is the case with your child, it’s important for your child to still hear while wearing their mask. Depending on the hearing aid that your child has, masks that go over the ears might be too distracting.
In this case, it’s best to use masks that don’t affect the functioning of their hearing aids. Examples include an elastic band that goes behind the head and a neck brace that holds the mask at the base of the neck. A simple search for mask hearing care can reveal some great options for your child.

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