Can A Hearing Aid Make My Hearing Worse?

Hearing Aid Technology

Those who have hearing loss find that hearing aids can help them regain some of their hearing. If you’re like many people, you’re excited to get new hearing devices to help enhance your quality of life. In the back of your mind, you may wonder if hearing aids will make your hearing worse.

Do Hearing Aids Actually Make Hearing Worse?

We’ve all heard that loud noises can be damaging to your hearing. When you think about getting hearing aids for the first time, they will amplify the noises around you. This could have you wondering if some sounds may be too loud and end up damaging your hearing. The truth is that hearing aids have built-in safety controls inside of all other devices. This ensures that they do not cause any sort of damage to your auditory system.

Why Your Hearing May Seem Worse With Hearing Aids?

When you first start to wear your hearing aids, it may feel like they are making your hearing even worse. In reality, this is the way your brain perceives an overabundance of new sounds that it’s not used to hearing. Without a hearing aid, you may not be able to hear your refrigerator run, your air purifier operate, and so forth.

When you get your hearing aids, your brain becomes overloaded with these new sounds. This could make it harder to concentrate and make you feel as if your hearing is worse instead of better. It’s going to take some time for your brain and ears to adapt to having the help of hearing aids.

It’s also important to address those who have age-related hearing loss. Those with age-related hearing loss will have a decrease in their hearing as they age. This is not the fault of hearing aids. Rather, it’s only the body’s natural experience of losing its hearing ability. You’ll need to go to your audiological professional on a regular basis to have them test your hearing. They will update your hearing aid settings for the level of hearing loss that you have at that time.

Wearing Your Hearing Aids as Prescribed

When you first get your hearing aids, it can be overwhelming. You may want to take them out after the first hour of using them. But, the more time you spend using your new hearing aids, the quicker your body’s going to adapt to having them. It’s recommended that you follow your prescribed plan from your hearing care professional. This is to ensure the best adaptation to your new device.

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