Can Hearing Aids Cause Ear Infection?

Hearing Aids and Infections

The cold and flu season isn’t the best since it comes with ear infections. If you have hearing aids, the situation could worsen if you don’t clean them properly. Failure to disinfect hearing aids lead to bacteria buildup that causes infections. The device won’t fit properly into your year. Plus, the hearing quality and acoustics will change, making you uncomfortable.

How To Avoid Ear Infections With Hearing Aids

Cleaning Your Hearing Aids

It is crucial to maintain your hearing aids by cleaning and disinfecting them as often as possible. Ensure that you tend all parts from inside to the outside. Dirt and bacteria accumulate on the devices from time to time. On that account, you should clean the hearing aids thoroughly. This way, you don’t have to suffer from recurring infections.

Your hearing aid dispenser comes with a small brush or soft cloth for cleaning the device. Plus, you can access a manual with clear instructions on maintaining the hearing aids. If you are unsure about the cleaning method, you can ask us any question for clarification.

Care and Storage

If you own more than one hearing aid, you can use them on different occasions. Turn off a hearing aid when it isn’t in use, or remove the battery. It would help if you also stored the gadget in a dry place away from moisture. Hot and damp conditions aren’t ideal for hearing aids. Thus, avoid keeping them in your bathroom and other areas that have water.

Remove the hearing aids when showering, washing your hair, or swimming. When working out, you shouldn’t wear them because the sweats corrode the device. No liquid should touch your hearing aids if you want them to serve you well. Try to replace the batteries if they are no longer functional for optimal performance.

What To Do If You Have an Ear Infection

If you are wearing a hearing aid and you get an infection, you need to remove the device. This way, your ear will breathe and get some fresh air. Usually, the device blocks air from reaching the eardrums that need it to heal. Ensure that your ears are utterly dry for the infection to go away. Don’t wash off the ear by all means possible.

Keep tabs on the infection and if it doesn’t heal in four days, consult a specialist. They will prescribe antibiotics to get rid of the bacteria. You will also get ear drops as part of the medication to treat the infection.


Contact us today if you have questions regarding the maintenance and care of your hearing aids. We will be happy to assist you in all ways that we can.