Enjoy the 4th of July With Hearing Aids

Celebrating with Hearing Aids
When you think about the Fourth of July, fireworks are one of the top things that you think of. As you prepare for a beautiful night time light display, it’s vital to think about your hearing care. Protecting your hearing from the loud blasts of the fireworks is a vital. Make sure that you don’t damage your hearing during the Independence Day celebration.

Fireworks Can Be Damaging

Any hearing care professional can tell you that fireworks can harm your hearing. Being exposed to loud noises is one of the most common ways to experience hearing loss. Noise exposure starts to damage your hearing at 80 to 90 decibels. Fireworks are on the high end of the scale, with about 140 decibels or more.

Hearing Care Methods For Protecting Your Hearing

There are a few hearing care methods that you can use to protect your hearing during the Fourth of July. The most recommended methods for protecting your hearing is using earplugs. There are many different designs of earplugs out there. Buy a pair of disposable foam earplugs to protect your hearing while the fireworks are going off.
Be sure to use distance in your favor when it comes to professional firework shows. The closer you are to where they’re setting off the fireworks, the more at risk you’ll be for hearing loss. This is due to loud noise exposure. Use the distance to avoid experiencing hearing loss due to loud noise exposure.
Consider the music level of your celebration. Everyone loves a good party. But any hearing care pro can tell you that loud music can cause hearing loss issues. Try to keep your music at a manageable level. You want to enjoy a conversation with the person next to you without having to yell.

Hearing Care Tips For Those With Hearing Aids

If you have hearing aids, do regular hearing care maintenance to keep them working. Since the Fourth of July is a hot day in most of the country, it’s a good idea to carry a dry cloth with you. This will remove the sweat from your hearing aids. It will help to prevent any moisture damage from occurring. One of our hearing care pros can assist you with finding the right cloth material.
When the fireworks display is getting ready to go off, take a moment to turn down your hearing aid volume. Unlike those without hearing aids, you can turn down your volume. Enjoy the show without having to listen to the frequent big booms. Also, make sure that you always carry a portable charger or spare batteries for your hearing aids.

Call Our Hearing Care Professionals Today

The Fourth of July can be a great time to spend with family and friends. It’s also a time where our hearing care professionals treat many hearing loss issues. If you have hearing loss after your celebrations, see our hearing care team for treatment. Give our hearing care center a call today to schedule your appointment.