How Do I Keep My Hearing Loss From Getting Worse?

Protect Hearing

If you start to notice that you can’t hear certain sounds around you, you may have hearing loss. Most people with hearing loss will experience muffled speech during conversations. They will also have difficulty understanding certain words when there’s background noise present. Turning up the volume on things like their television or stereo is also a major sign. Unfortunately, hearing loss can get worse if you don’t practice proper hearing care. There are many different ways that you can reduce the progression of hearing loss.

Quit Cranking Up the Volume

When you crank up the volume on the television or your stereo, you’re at risk of noise-induced hearing loss. It only takes a few minutes of very loud noises to cause permanent damage to your hearing. It’s important to be mindful of the volume level that you’re setting these items at. Focus on using hearing aids to enhance the volume.

Wear Hearing Protection

Another way to lower your risk of hearing loss progression is to wear hearing protection. Whenever you go to an event like a concert, you should be wearing hearing protection. When it comes to using items that have loud noise, you should be wearing hearing protection. This can include things like a lawn mower or power tools. Simple ear muffs or ear plugs can stop the progression of hearing loss.

Wear Your Hearing Aids Often

The best thing you can do to combat the progression of hearing loss is to wear hearing aids on a regular basis. These help you to reconnect with the world around you. If you fail to use your hearing aids often, your brain is being exposed to less noise over time. Many studies prove that not using hearing aids to treat hearing loss will cause it to get worse.

Annual Hearing Exams

Another great way to limit the progression of hearing loss in your life is to get annual hearing exams. This will allow an audiologist to ensure that your hearing aids are set for your needs. These needs can change over time. If you don’t have your hearing aids updated on a regular basis, you’ll notice that they won’t work as well. This can lead to progressing hearing loss.

Be Better Prepared

You’ve already learned that loud noises can further damage your hearing loss. One of the best ways to combat progressing hearing loss is to protect your ears in loud environments. This means having ear plugs or ear muffs in your car so that you can grab them when necessary. Additionally, plan on sitting further away if you go to an outdoor event where there’s going to be loud noise.

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