How Often Should My Hearing Aids Be Checked?

Hearing Aids Be Check

For your hearing aids to work, you will need to have them charged and tuned to your specific needs. Over time, your hearing loss will change. This means that you will need consistent fine-tuning of your devices. Plus, you’ll want to get your hearing aids cleaned so that they last as long as possible.

How Often Should You Service Your Hearing Aids?

It’s recommended by audiologists to get your hearing aids checked twice a year to start. This helps to make sure that your hearing aids can meet your new hearing demands. Over time, your audiologist may notice that your hearing isn’t progressing as bad as it was in the past. At this point, they may recommend annual checks instead.

What’s Included in Your Annual Tune-Up?

A vital part of your annual tune-up is having your hearing aids adjusted and reprogrammed. Even a slight difference in tuning can have a profound impact on your hearing. Hearing aids aren’t meant to be a “set-it-and-forget-it” type of tech. Rather, you need to have consistent updating and fine-tuning to ensure they work for you.

An important part of your annual tune-up will be a professional cleaning of your hearing aids. It’s true that wax residue and debris build-up can damage your hearing aids over time. Cleaning your hearing aids at home can help to reduce the amount of waxy build-up in your hearing aids. But, it’s not as thorough as professional cleaning.

When an audiologist cleans your hearing aids, they will clean all the components. This includes the battery cover. They’ll also check your batteries to see if it’s time for replacements.

Be Informed of New Technology Upgrades

Hearing aid technology improves every year. Manufacturers improve their technology in many ways. Today’s devices, for example, filter out feedback and amplify the sound waves that you need. Additionally, there are new technology integrations that you can use. This includes Bluetooth calling or audio streaming.

When you visit your hearing care team, they recommend hearing aid upgrades. They do this so that you can enjoy the newest technology. It’s crucial to realize that hearing aids should last between three and seven years. If your hearing devices are over three years old, it may be time to consider an upgrade. Be sure to do this before you start having problems with your current hearing devices.

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