How To Deal With Hearing Loss In The Workplace

Hearing Loss Workplace

No one knows how much hearing loss affects every aspect of their life until they experience it. Something as simple as having a conversation with your co-worker can be challenging. With hearing aids and these strategies, you can ensure effective communication at work.

Workplace Resources and Laws About Hearing Loss

In the United States, there are many laws to protect those with hearing loss in the workplace. This falls under the equal opportunity employment in the Americans with Disabilities Act. Your workplace should provide you with assistive resources. These are to accommodate your communication hurdles with other co-workers and clients alike. HLAA is a popular organization that has plenty of resources about hearing loss at work.

Wearing Hearing Aids at Work

If you have hearing aids, they can be a vital tool for effective communication at work. Hearing aids are best for those who experience mild to moderate hearing loss. Consult one of our hearing care professionals to help program your new hearing aids. It’s very important that the settings are set up for your work environment. It’s likely going to be much different than your home environment. For example, being able to reduce background noise is likely a must at work but not as important at home.

Workplace Communication Tips For Those With Hearing Loss

One of the best ways to make your communication with others at work more effective is to explain what they can do. For example, have your co-workers face you while they’re having a conversation with you. This makes it so that you can read their lips as they speak. Many people who don’t experience hearing loss won’t pick up on these subtle actions. Make sure to let them know that they can do these to improve communication with you.

Another way to enhance workplace communication is to have a conductive office arrangement. You may ask to sit in a quieter area of the office or have your own office where you can shut the door. This can allow you to focus more on a conversation without the background noise. There are many different workplace accommodations that you can use. You want to help enhance your communication with others throughout your workday.

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