How To Know When To Upgrade You Hearing Aids

Upgrading Hearing Aids

Hearing aids help millions of Americans to better communicate with those around them. If you currently have hearing aids, you likely know that there are many options out there to choose from. Upgrading your hearing aids on a regular basis is important. Your hearing changes over time. If you have any of the conditions that we’re going to go over below, then it’s time to consider upgrading to a new set.

Your Hearing is Getting Worse

It’s not uncommon for hearing loss to get worse over time. You might be able to adjust your hearing aids. But, there are only so many adjustments that you can make before you need a new pair. If you have more trouble hearing than you used to, your existing hearing aids may not be enough anymore. An upgrade is likely to provide you with more hearing care options. It’s best to speak with one of our hearing care professionals to assess your hearing loss. Get a recommendation for the best hearing aids to meet your new needs.

You’ve Undergone Lifestyle Changes

Hearing aids can handle specific situations. When you got your first hearing aids, you may have bought a pair that works great for a quiet lifestyle. If you’ve started working in a loud workplace, you may find that your hearing aids aren’t adjusting. An upgrade to new hearing instruments that can handle your new lifestyle is a must.

Your Device is Four Years Old

Most hearing aid manufacturers make their devices last between three and seven years. The actual lifespan of your hearing aids is going to depend on how you maintain and use them. It’s a general rule of thumb to consider an upgrade once your existing hearing aids reach four years old. It’s likely that your hearing loss may have changed. Your hearing aids could also be full of grime and the technology is likely outdated.

New Technology is Available

Hearing aid technology has been growing at a fast pace. If you notice that there is new technology that interests you, it’s likely time for an upgrade. Let’s say that you have issues with the hearing aid volume depending on your surroundings. New technology allows the hearing aid to adjust its volume based on its surroundings. This is a worthy technology upgrade that you should consider. It can enhance your communication with the world around you.

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