How To Play Contact Sports While Wearing Hearing Aids

Sports and Hearing Aids

If you’re new to hearing aids or are considering a hearing evaluation, you may wonder how your routine will change. Playing contact sports can be a great way to stay fit and enjoy time with friends. However, you may think that you’ll be unable to play with your new hearing aids.

In reality, you can play any contact sport with your hearing aids as long as you protect them. In fact, our hearing care professionals recommend it! Having anĀ  active line of communication between you and other players is a must to perform at the top of your game. Additionally, it’s important that you choose the right equipment to protect your hearing devices.

Choosing The Right Equipment

When you have hearing aids and want to play a contact sport, you want to opt for soft earmolds. These provide a flexible fit that maintains good contact with the ear as you’re moving.

Additionally, the softness of the molds is ideal to protect you against injury. Whenever you take a direct hit to the head, the soft mold will bend and move to protect you. A hard mold can push into the ear and cause extensive damage.

Protect Against Moisture Exposure

We all know that contact sports are a great way to work up a sweat, but the excess moisture can end up damaging your hearing aids. Also, if it rains or snows while you’re playing, you expose hearing aids to even more moisture. You always need to be thinking about how to protect your hearing aids.

Whenever you feel there may be moisture present, use a towel to wick away the water. Wearing a headband to keep sweat from running down into the ears can help as well. You may need to use different strategies to protect your hearing aids from exposure to excess moisture while playing.

A Talk About Helmets and Protective Gear

Most contact sports require players to wear some sort of helmet or protective gear to protect their heads. The type of headgear you use will depend on the sport that you play and the amount of protection you need. However, it’s crucial to note that you should be testing out various types of allowable headgear for your sport.

This way, you can find one that is comfortable to wear and works to protect your hearing aids from harm. Also, keep in mind that you’ll need to protect other players on the field from injury by your hearing aids.

Call Our Hearing Care Professionals Today

If you use hearing aids and you love to play contact sports, contact our hearing professionals today to get advice for safe play. Our hearing care pros know that hearing loss shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your favorite contact sports. We’ll take the time to work with you to find the right protection to fit your sport and body.