How To Protect Your Hearing Health

Hearing Health Care

If you’re like most people, the ability to hear is something that you may take for granted a lot of the time. Unfortunately, not protecting your hearing can lead to the deterioration of your health. It’s important for everyone to take preventive steps to protect their hearing health. This is especially helpful for those who are showing signs of hearing deterioration.

Protect Yourself Around Loud Noises

Exposure to loud noises can result in both temporary and permanent hearing loss. It’s vital that you take preventative measures to protect your ears from loud noises. Your best line of defense is to put distance between you and the source of the noise. For example, if you’re at an outdoor concert, you should choose a seat further away from the stage. This can help to reduce the amount of loud noise that you’re exposed to.

If you can’t put distance between you and the source of the noise, then you’ll need to wear hearing protection. We recommend you have some sort of hearing protection for a noise louder than 85 decibels. There are different types of hearing protection devices, including earplugs and earmuffs.

Keep Water Out

One common source of hearing trouble is excess moisture. This happens when you spend a lot of time swimming without using protective earplugs. This excess moisture inside of your ear can allow bacteria to develop. This can lead to harmful ear infections. You should always use swimming ear plugs whenever you spend time in the water. You should also towel dry your ears after you’re done swimming and after bathing. This helps to reduce the amount of moisture inside of your ear canal.

Allow Your Ears to Recover

There may be times when your ears become exposed to loud noises without any sort of protection. For example, you may be standing next to a car that backfires without warning. In these cases, it’s best to allow your ears time to recover. Many researchers suggest that you give your ears about 16 hours of quiet. This helps to recover from one night of prolonged loud noise.

Get Regular Hearing Exams

Another great way to help maintain healthy hearing is to get regular exams by an audiologist. These screenings can allow you to know of slight changes to your hearing over time. In fact, many people who have hearing loss will develop gradual loss of hearing over time. By catching this issue early on, you can seek treatments that can help you to better adapt. It can also prevent issues like depression and dementia associated with hearing loss.

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