How to Wear a Face Mask With Your Hearing Aids

COVID and Hearing

Hearing aids can be the saving grace that allows you to communicate with the world around you. With the pandemic, you may avoid going out of the house. A mask may be too uncomfortable to wear with your hearing aids. The truth is that you can wear both with ease when you follow these helpful tips below.

Tips for Wearing a Face Mask With Hearing Aids

Be Mindful Of The Mask You Wear

When wearing your hearing aids and a mask, it comes in the form of the elastic pieces being around your ears. Getting them around your ears without knocking off your hearing aids can be a challenge. Taking them off can, unfortunately, rip off your hearing aids as well. Luckily, there are some ways to handle these issues.
Consider purchasing a mask that has elastic bands that are more stretchable. At the most basic level, you can opt for purchasing a mask with bands that stretch around your head. The top will go above the ear and the bottom will go below it. This will keep the bands off of your ears. If you don’t like having bands around your head, consider sewing buttons to a headband. This will allow you an anchor to attach the elastic bands too.

Consider Upgrading To A Different Style Hearing Aid

If your hearing aids are reaching the end of their lifespan, it may be time to consider upgrading to new ones. There are various kinds that can make wearing a face mask easier. There are in-the-ear and in-the-canal hearing aids. These reduce any hardware from being outside of your ear. This will allow you to wear the elastic of your face mask over your ears. It also doesn’t interfere with the position of your hearing aids.

Consider Using Mask Extensions

If you don’t want to upgrade your hearing aid or change out your mask, consider using mask extensions. These are rectangular pieces of fabric that have buttons on either side. You’ll loop one end of the mask bands around the button. Place the fabric extender on the back of your head. Pull the other band of the mask around to encircle the remaining button. This allows for more extension of the bands around the ears so that they don’t touch your hearing aids.

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