Is it Okay to See a Hearing Professional During COVID-19?

Staying Safe
When you notice problems with your hearing, it’s a big decision to undergo hearing testing. With the COVID-19 pandemic, it can seem like an unsafe time to get your hearing taken care of. The truth is that you can undergo safe testing at our hearing care facility.

Your Hearing Matters

Most individuals don’t seek treatment right away when they have trouble hearing. They let it go until they have a hard time understanding those around them. Letting your hearing loss continue on can lead to many mental health conditions. This is due to two main causes. First, most patients tend to isolate themselves from others. It’s less frustrating than trying to ask people to repeat themselves often. Second, the brain becomes less active when it can’t interact with the world around it.
The most common mental conditions are depression, cognitive decline, dementia, and social isolation. Seek treatment when you first notice that you’re having a problem. It is necessary to make sure your health and wellness are where they need to be. Letting treatment go for even a couple of months can affect your mental health.

Undergoing A Hearing Test

A hearing test may seem like a scary thing but it isn’t. This type of test involves using earphones or headphones to listen to noises. The tester will have various noises given to each ear in different pitches. You raise your hand to the side that you hear the noise. This test allows the hearing professional to learn what pitch levels you can hear in each ear. This assists them in prescribing customized hearing aids to enhance your individual hearing.

Sanitary Hearing Centers To Meet Your Needs

Our hearing centers follow strict CDC guidelines for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. There are various ways that we’re working to protect you from contracting this virus. Let’s take a look at some of the common guidelines recommended for your safety.

  • All staff and patients wearing PPE like masks and face shields.
  • Presence of hand-hygiene stations.
  • Sanitation of equipment Used between patients.
  • Installation of physical barriers (ie. plexiglass).
  • Appointment only visits.

Call Us Today

At Atkins Hearing Center, we take pride in providing our patients with the utmost care. We have instituted CDC guidelines to provide more safety to our patients. We still provide individualized care from our knowledgeable staff members. We know that getting new hearing aids is a big step to take and we’ll be with you along the entire process. From undergoing your hearing test to aftercare visits, you can count on us for all your hearing needs.