Most Important Fire Safety Devices For Those With Hearing Loss

Fire Safety Devices

If you have hearing loss, you will want to make sure that you have plans in place to alert you to fire. Many fires happen while people are asleep, and most fire alarms are auditory. Even if you can hear some, if you have your hearing aids out or off, you will not be able to hear the fire alarm. There are some things that you can do to ensure your safety.

Strobe Fire Alarms

Strobe fire alarms will let you know that smoke or carbon dioxide is in your house. These work by putting out a bright flashing light. These safety lights will be so bright that they will wake you up. These strobe lights can make different flash patterns that will allow you to know what is going on. Many fire alarms will include lights, so it is beneficial to buy one for your home if you have hearing loss.

Vibration Appliances

There is a device called a bed shaker that is useful for those that have hearing loss. These are also good for heavy sleepers who might not respond to the strobe lights. This device hooks up to a regular fire alarm and then placed underneath a pillow. If there is smoke, it will vibrate and put the words FIRE across the screen. The Red Cross can install this alarm for you for your safety. Give them a call or visit their website today.


While smoke detectors are important, they are not going to do anything against the fire. Having a home sprinkler system will alert you to the fire and help to put out the fire. Sprinkle systems can help to limit the fire damage to your home and save your life.

Fire Extinguisher

You should have a fire extinguisher in your home. If you have a multi-story home, it is a good idea to have a fire extinguisher on each level. Make sure that you check the fire extinguisher out monthly to ensure that it is ok. At least every six years, you should do an internal inspection of the fire extinguisher. If you find something wrong with it, you should replace it immediately.

Fire Blanket

If you have hearing loss and want a safety device that will help with small fires, you will want to get a fire blanket. A fire blanket will help to put out small fires. Additionally, a fire blanket can wrap around yourself during a fire to protect you from burns. You will want to make sure that the fire blanket is easy to get to in case of a fire.

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