Protect Your Hearing Aids This Halloween

Protect Your Hearing Aids
Ask kids their top three holidays of the year, and one of them is likely Halloween. Dressing up as your favorite character and getting free candy is an exciting time for many kids. The hustle and bustle of this spooky holiday can wreak havoc on your hearing aids. Here are some tips from our hearing team for keeping you safe during Halloween.

Plan A Great Costume

When deciding on the ideal costume to wear, it needs to accommodate your hearing aids. It may seem like a simple concept. But, it’s easy to get swept up in a costume without thinking about your hearing aids or hearing care. You can make changes to most costumes to accommodate your hearing aids.

Make Your Costume Reflective

If you are like most people, you’ll be walking through neighborhood streets. It’s important to remember that you share these streets with cars. It can be harder for them to see you during the dust and dark hours. Instead of relying hearing oncoming cars, take secondary measures. This is especially true if you’re experiencing hearing loss. Use reflective tape on your costume to make it stand out. With this, any driver can see you whenever their headlights shine.

Keep Your Ears Warm

Halloween nights can get chilly. It’s a good idea to have proper ear warmers that you can put on. Being able to cover up your ears can help to ensure that you avoid unwanted hearing infections. You can incorporate ear warmers into your costume. You can also bring along some ear muffs in your pocket.

Prep Your Hearing Aids

Your hearing aids should be ready to take on the long Halloween night. Take a few minutes to prep them so that you don’t have to deal with any foreseeable malfunctions. This means charging up your batteries and even carrying extra batteries with you. Clean out your hearing devices and bring along some dry wipes. This way, if it rains or you’re sweating too much, you can remove the moisture before it damages your hearing aids.

Contact Our Hearing Care Professionals Today

Don’t wait until Halloween to get the help that you need with your hearing aids. Contact our hearing care professionals to get helpful tips for your Halloween fun. If you have hearing loss, contact our hearing care professions to get a free evaluation.