Tips For Dining Out With Hearing Loss

Dining out with hearing loss

With hearing loss, even small changes in the environment can make a conversation harder. It can be hard to pick up on those slight sounds that you can’t hear. When you’re surrounded by others talking in a noisy restaurant, it becomes even harder. There are some tips that can help reduce your stress and better converse with those around you.

Set Yourself Up for Success by Researching

With a few minutes of research, you can find restaurant options that are more quiet and secluded. Choosing a fine dining restaurant over a sports bar can reduce background noise. Do yourself an added favor and make reservations. When you call, alert them of your hearing loss and ask if they can reserve a quiet location for your table.

Consider Visiting During Quieter Hours

Another way that you can set yourself up for hearing success is to dine during non-busy times. Avoid the lunch rush of 11 AM to 2 PM and the dinner rush of 4 PM to 7 PM. When fewer people are visiting the restaurant, there will be less background noise.

Request a Round Table

With hearing loss, you need to develop ways to help with communicating with those around you. Lip reading can be helpful. This requires you to be able to face your guests while dining. To do so ask for a round table or a booth where you can sit across from your company. Avoid bar seating whenever possible.

Wear the Right Hearing Aids

Another great way to improve the ability to hear others in a restaurant is to invest in hearing aids. Many modern hearing aids can help with issues like reducing background noise. This feature can be helpful in loud environments. Hearing aids can also help to amplify the sounds that you’re unable to hear.

Limit Your Party Size

The bigger your group gets, the more conversations will be going on. This means there will be more people that you’ll have to try and read lips from. Do yourself a favor and limit the number of guests that you go out with. This will help you until you get more comfortable in a noisy restaurant environment. Start out with one other guest and work up from there.

Pay Attention to Seating Arrangement

A great way to set yourself up for success is to pay attention to your seating arrangement. When you have hearing loss, it can be very helpful to face your guests while you’re conversing. This can allow you to read lips and pay attention to their body language. This can focus on your hearing so that you pick up on more of the conversation. Let others know about your hearing loss and ask them to sit across from you instead of next to you. That way, you’ll be hearing them better during your dining experience.

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