Why Aren’t My Hearing Aids Working For Me Anymore?

Hearing Consultation

Hearing aids are complex electronic devices that can help you improve your hearing. But, it’s crucial to remember that your hearing loss can change. If you start to notice a change in your hearing even with hearing aids, it could be due to many different things.

Alterations in Ear Shape

As your body changes and develops, so does your ear canal. The simple process of aging, losing weight, or gaining weight can alter the actual shape of your ear canal. This can allow air to seep around the molded hearing aid. This causes interference in the sound transmissions that you hear. To fix this issue, you only need a new ear impression and to reshape your hearing aids.

Changes in Hearing Loss Severity

It’s not uncommon for a person’s hearing to get worse over time. Before you know it, your hearing aids may seem like they’re no longer working. Scheduling an appointment with our hearing care professionals can help. They’ll check your level of hearing loss and update your hearing aid settings. To help fix any major changes in your hearing, it’s best to see one of our licensed audiologists at least once a year.

You Need More Hearing Care

While hearing aids are a great tool to improve hearing, sometimes they’re not enough. For some people, the loss of hearing comes with distortions that can affect a person’s sense of sound. In some situations, aural rehabilitation is the answer. Aural rehabilitation works to retrain the brain to make better sense of sounds. Using aural rehabilitation while maintaining your hearing aids can fix any hearing issues.

Lack of Routine Cleaning

Hearing aids can be super small. Only a tiny bit of debris like ear wax can clog them up and prevent them from working as they should. It’s vital that you clean your hearing aids on a daily basis. This will remove any debris and earwax on your hearing aids. Remember to keep the battery door open in the evenings. This allows excess moisture to escape from the battery compartment. You also want to avoid using hairspray and showering with your hearing aids in.

Lifestyle Changes

If you’ve changed your lifestyle, that could be a reason your hearing aids aren’t working as before. If you’ve moved from a quieter lifestyle to a more active lifestyle, you’ll notice a change in your hearing. If you used to have an active lifestyle, but have changed to a more quiet one, your hearing aids may be too loud for you. You may need different hearing aids or a change in settings to deal with the noise in your daily life.

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