Listen: It’s World Hearing Day!

World Hearing Day

Hearing is one of the senses that many of us take for granted. As we approach World Hearing Day, it helps to go over the importance of hearing well. Plus, having good hearing can contribute to a better quality of life.

What is World Hearing Day?

World Hearing Day will take place on March 3rd, 2023. This holiday highlights the importance of hearing care. It works to integrate it as part of a person’s regular primary healthcare routine. It also raises awareness of the importance of getting professional hearing care. This is even more important when you have trouble with your hearing. Hearing loss that happens over time doesn’t get treated until it affects your quality of life.

How Imperative Hearing is to a Person’s Quality of Life

Hearing is an imperative sense that allows you to communicate with the world around you. You need to be able to hear where noises are coming from so you have a sense of direction. Hearing also allows you to socialize with others around you. Because of this, hearing is an essential ability. Those who have untreated hearing loss are at an increased risk for mental health issues. This can include depression, anxiety, and even dementia.

Research statistics prove how imperative hearing is to one’s daily functioning and well-being. World Hearing Day creates more publicity to get people all over the world to focus on their hearing.

How to Best Celebrate World Hearing Day

One of the best ways to celebrate World Hearing Day is to schedule a hearing exam with your hearing care team. You should schedule regular hearing tests every three to five years. This is only if there are no noticeable deviations in your hearing ability. If you do have trouble hearing and use hearing aids, you should get a test every year. These can help track any changes in your hearing capabilities.

When it comes to hearing loss, finding the problem as early as possible is an absolute necessity. This allows you to treat the source of temporary hearing loss. If your hearing loss is more severe, you can also get hearing aids to help with permanent hearing loss. The sooner you get help, the less likely it’s going to affect your day-to-day living and quality of life.

On World Hearing Day, it’s also important to inform family and friends of its importance. The more you talk about hearing health, the more likely you are to help others get treated for hearing loss.

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