Ear Wax Removal


Professional Ear Wax Removal

Everybody knows that we have wax in our ears. Ear wax (which is also called cerumen) is necessary for our ears’ health and proper functioning. With that said, excessive buildup can be harmful. That’s why professional ear wax removal is often a necessary treatment. Our ear wax removal services are simple and straightforward, giving you the chance to move forward in life with clean, healthy ears.

Why Ear Wax Is Necessary

Ear wax is a normal and necessary biological feature. Cerumen serves to protect the skin of the ear canal, which is particularly sensitive. It also keeps the ear canal lubricated and fights off burgeoning infections. It’s not the presence of wax that is the problem. Ear wax removal only becomes necessary when there’s an excess of cerumen in the ear.

Problems With Excess Ear Wax

Excessive amounts of ear wax can cause several unpleasant symptoms. Pain and irritation are the most common issues. Many people suffer from a constant desire to scratch the inner part of their ears. Some severe cases even result in temporary loss of hearing or tinnitus.

Why Avoid DIY Solutions?

Some may think ear wax removal is a job they can take care of themselves at home. The Q-tip method involves inserting a foreign object into the ear, which is always a risky endeavor. A clumsy cleaning attempt can even cause irreparable damage to the inner ear’s fragile structures, sometimes resulting in permanent hearing loss. Meanwhile, hydrogen peroxide can remove too much ear wax, leaving your ear exposed to a higher risk of infection.

How Professional Ear Wax Removal Can Help?

At Atkins Hearing Center, we know how to engage in ear wax removal without doing any damage. We have both the experience and equipment to clean your inner ear. After a session with us, you’ll notice an immediate improvement in your symptoms. Even more importantly, you’ll be able to rest assured in the knowledge that your ear is not harmed in any way. After all, hearing is one of the senses that we use to interpret the world around us, and our ears are the instruments that give us the remarkable ability to recognize sounds. You don’t want to take any chances with such a precious gift.


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