Hearing Evaluations

As we age, many things change in our bodies. If you’ve noticed that your hearing is not what it used to be, that’s something you don’t have to live with. Our experts provide hearing evaluations that can determine what is lacking in your hearing and provide you with recommended solutions to regain those missing parts.


The Various Types Of Hearing Tests Available

When you visit Atkins Hearing Center, you’ll have access to various tests to evaluate your hearing level. Each of our tests has its own purpose. Our hearing care specialists may recommend one test over another depending on your situation. Here are the various types of tests that we offer to understand what each entails fully.


Pure Tone Audiometry

This type of test will involve wearing headphones and listening for sounds in each ear. You will be asked to signal each time you hear a sound in one of your ears and promptly identify which ear you heard the sound in. This type of test is what most people consider a standard hearing test that can check different pitch ranges in both ears.


Bone Conduction

With this test, a headband with two square-like boxes is positioned on the head behind the ears. The sound for the test is presented through these boxes known as oscillators. The box will vibrate and send the sound to the cochlea. This method essentially bypasses the outer and middle ear and helps determine the origin of your hearing problem.


Speech Test

This type of test involves your ability to listen to words and repeat them at different sound thresholds. This may be done in conjunction with background noise, but not always.


Video Otoscopy

When a hearing specialist needs to see the inside of the ear, they will use video equipment. This involves a small video camera with light sources. The equipment is inserted into the ear and allows an up-close view of any physical ear issues.

All of these hearing tests are provided for your convenience at Atkins Hearing Center. Our skilled specialists can administer any audiological exams that you may need. Once complete, our experts will interpret and explain the test results to understand what’s going on with your hearing. We believe that patient knowledge is a key factor in improving your hearing.


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If you’re experiencing problems with your level of hearing, give our office a call. Our courteous hearing care specialists can provide you with state-of-the-art testing to identify the exact problems you’re experiencing. They can then provide you with solutions to remedy those problems so you can get back to hearing like usual.