Hearing Aid Brands

Here is an overview of some of the hearing aid brands we carry.



 Signia, co-branded with Siemens, is one of the top hearing aid brands in the market. The company uses new Primax technology to improve listening in any environment. With their patented programming, their hearing aid devices offer high-quality sound and noise control to the user. More so, the devices have Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) fit, and the full range gives the option to customize their look.



 Oticon is one of the oldest hearing aid brands globally and is known for inventing the first digital hearing aid. The devices are packed with excellent features such as OpenSound Navigator, speech rescue, Bluetooth streaming, and many more. Furthermore, the gadgets come in different styles like BTE, RITE, ITE, ITC, and IIC. All these features, styles, and designs aim to give the user the ultimate hearing experience.



 At Phonak, the customer is always the main focus. It offers different hearing aid models with broad-ranging styles for multiple custom-fit options. The brand also provides a wide selection of hearing aid accessories that sets it apart from the competition. The models are suitable for different environments; for example, the lyric is invisible and can stay in the ear for months before requiring it to be recharged.



Starkey Hearing Technologies Starkey is one of the most advanced hearing aid brands with assistive feature preferences. This feature is particularly beneficial to the elderly. The hearing devices can connect to a licensed audiologist who tunes the hearing aids remotely. The gadgets also feature Amazon Alexa connectivity, fall detection, and light-based hearing technology. Furthermore, they are available in ITE, ITC, CIC, IIC, RIC, and BTE fit styles.



ReSound ReSound comes with varying fit styles, noise reduction, and top sound isolation capabilities. What is more is the smartphone technology with ReSound Smart Fit, which provides clients with audiologist-assisted fine-tuning and support.



 Unitron provides unwavering natural hearing and speech comprehension. This company offers specialized customer experience based on an individual’s hearing issues. Unitron’s hearing aids help to restore life after hearing loss.



 Widex offers industry-leading personalization tools, sound adjustment, and audiologist assistance. Any diversity? This hearing aid brand comes with a varying range of colors, fit styles, and feature sets. The hearing aids are equipped with machine-learning capabilities. Besides, they feature artificial intelligence, which allows continuous learning for the user.



 With over 60 years in the industry, Rexton has established itself with high-quality and functional hearing aids. Rexton works with experienced audiologists to tailor specialized hearing aids with aesthetically appealing designs to cover customers’ individual needs.